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In the United Kingdom, cars which are three years or older must pass the MOT test. This test assesses whether the vehicle meets are the road safety and minimum environment standards. The test includes checking the condition of the engine, gearbox and clutch. The earliest date that your car should have an MOT test is usually indicated on the MOT certificate. If you need MOT testing services, Leadx Motors will be ready to help you.

At Leadx Motors, car roadworthiness is checked during the MOT testing process. Each major component of your car will be checked by a professional. Our garage has an authorization from the DVSA to offer MOT testing in Burnley and other cities, towns, and villages across the country. Thus, all our employees, the tools and equipment we use, and the entire garage meet all the minimum requirements by the department of transport to carry out the vehicle inspection.

Our professional and highly skilled mechanics offer an outstanding MOT fuel, exhaust, and fuel emissions test. They understand that the entire car exhaust system is made up of different parts and each must be checked individually. They will check for leakage of fumes or liquid. This is because these are the most common issues associated with exhaust systems.

Note that the fuel system will also be checked for leaks. This is done by inspecting the tank system to find out if it's sealed properly. Therefore, you should always ensure that your vehicle is in perfect working condition to ensure that you don't fail the MOT testing in Burnley because of minor issues.

Our experts also test whether your car emissions level falls below the set legal limit. That means if your car produces large quantities of hydrocarbons or carbon monoxide, it will not pass the MOT testing in Burnley. At Leadx Motors, we strongly advise that you should first address all the issues with your car before the MOT test. This will increase the chances of your vehicle passing the test.

As part of our MOT testing in Burnley, our mechanics will test your car tires and wheels. The mechanics will check the tread for tyre and also check for damages such as bulges, lumps, and tears. These mechanics will also check the driver's view area. This will involve checking the condition of the wing mirrors, windscreen, windows, rear view mirrors, and windscreen wipers.

Our mechanics will also perform steering and suspension test, engine test, and more. They have many years of experience in carrying out MOT testing in Burnley and other regions in UK. Therefore, when performing these tests, they know exactly what they are looking for. Our services are affordable and available at your request. Regardless of your vehicle make or its age, you can rest assured of the most effective and affordable MOT testing in Burnley.