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According to the experts at Leadx Motors, a car's exhaust system four important tasks; it minimizes noise, diverts the waste fumes away from the passengers and the driver, reduces fuel consumption, and improves performance. The exhaust's catalytic converter eliminates harmful carbon monoxide gas. On the other hand, the muffler or silencer reduces the noise. On diesel cars, a DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) capture all soot particles before they leave the car's exhaust pipe.

These experts also assert that without the exhaust system, the car driver and other people on board will notice an increase in noise. Besides, a car engine is designed to run with an exhaust's 'backpressure' on the gases leaving the engine chamber. Eliminating the backpressure negatively affects the engine's performance and its ability to burn fuels. This simply means that your car will start emitting a higher level of waste gases. Such a car can't pass the MOT testing and the only way to fix this system is by getting exhaust repair or replacement services. That's where Leadx Motors come in.

Leadx Motors is among the most trusted and reliable exhaust replacement and repair service provider in Burnley and other areas in the United Kingdom. Our services have been receiving five-star rating and also have become very popular across the country. For the last ten years we have been offering great services to all the car owners in Burnley and the nearby areas. Regardless your car make, its age, and size, our trained mechanics will always make sure that you have received the best services.

At Leadx Motors, we understand that corrosion is one of the most common problems with exhaust systems. This may result in a hole in the silencer, something that results in too much noise. Other issues include rattling noise caused by a rusting clamp or a missing one. Misaligned exhaust piping can also result in rattling noise. Our professional mechanics know how to diagnose these problems and fix them within a short time.

So, should you repair or replace the entire exhaust system? The answer to this question will solely depend on the condition of your car's exhaust system. In case of light mishaps such as misaligned exhaust piping, our experts will realign the piping and ensure that the exhaust system is working perfectly. Any other minor or major problem can be fixed. However, in case extreme corrosion that results in multiple holes and severe damage to the clamp, replacement of the entire exhaust system may be the most effective option.

Our professionals will advise you whether you need to replace or the system can be simply repaired. In case you need to replace it, these experts will recommend some of the best exhaust systems in the market. Thus, you can count on Leadx Motors for affordable, yet, reliable exhausts repairs in Burnley.